Neon Trees: An intimate Experience at the Fonda Theatre

DSC_3512“Fuck the critics.”

It’s clear by the words and performance of lead singer Tyler Glenn that Neon Trees’ latest Tour has everything to do with giving their fans a great time.

The “Pop Psychology” rock stars played the famed Fonda Theatre last Thursday and gave quite the performance to an eclectic and energetic crowd.

Openers for the Neon Trees included Alex Winston and Yes You Are, two female fronted bands whose performances were sexy and fierce.

Neon Trees, who jumped on stage just after 10:30, came out with their new single, “Songs I Can’t Listen To.” The ever flamboyant and always awesome Tyler Glenn strutted on stage and pulled off some incredible dance moves, in a tight pair of jeans no less.

Halfway through the performance, Glenn shed his maroon leather jacket during a dramatic knee drop and stood up to introduce his band mates.

The band’s set list included popular hits such as “Everybody Talks” and “Animal,” which received extensive radio play when it first came out.

Glenn moved on to “lesser known” songs and thanked those in the audience who knew more songs than just the ones played on the radio.

“First off, I’d like to thank KROQ for playing our songs,” said Glenn. “And I’d like to thank you guys for knowing more of our catalog.”

Throughout the night Glenn struck pose after perfect pose all while hitting every note and dance move effortlessly.

Neon Trees ended with a cover of Dexys Midnight Runners’ “Come On Eileen.” Fans went wild as the band played on while Glenn crowd surfed at the end.

Thursday’s performance proved two things: Tyler Glenn has some kickass dance moves, and Neon Trees are here to have a good time with their fans.

Of course, their performance itself was audibly amazing, and for all of Glenn’s dancing and the fans’ screaming, Neon Trees sounded amazing through it all.

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