If I die, tell Alex Turner I loved him…

I mean it guys…

Yes, I’m in love with Arctic Monkeys front man, Alex Turner.  But what’s not to love?  Alex Turner is a 27-year-old British rock star with cool hair, a gorgeous accent, a witty sense of humor and a damn near perfect smile.  He is funny, smart, sarcastic and only seven years older than I am.  We are perfect for each other…

Okay, so I know my love affair with

A photo of Alex at the Wiltern, Sept. 30
A photo of Alex at the Wiltern, Sept. 30

Alex Turner is only in my mind, but aside from the good looks and great voice, there is more to say and love about the Arctic Monkeys front man.
Not only is Alex Turner the lead singer and lead guitarist for the Arctic Monkeys, he is also the lyricist for the band.

As a lyricist, Turner is known for writing lyrics that are both witty and catchy.  In the beginning he wrote youthful, fun and often cheeky lyrics about his hometown of Sheffield.  He cultivated lyrics based on his surroundings and personal experiences as a teenager.  Throughout his career, Turner has expanded his writing skills to match his band’s growth and maturity as musicians.

Turner has and continues to write about subjects that are close to him; expressing his feelings about love, music, stardom and his surroundings.  As the years progressed, Turner has sharpened his lyrical syntax and writes lyrics that aren’t as straightforward as those of his earlier years, but more complex and metaphoric.

When writing songs, Turner says he draws inspiration from many types tumblr_lo3gj8YpJM1qjmceto1_500of musical genres.   He notes classic Indie and Rock icons like the Beatles’, John Lennon, but  also says he is a big fan of rap music and often uses that style to write his lyrics.  Turner has even written a song that includes a rap performance by British rapper Dizzee Rascal.

In their latest song, “R U Mine?,”Turner said the band was listening to Lil Wayne and Drake  a lot, which influenced the song: “I like that thing they do where they talk about something backwards, so they talk about it but then say what it actually is on the next line. It’s hard to explain but I guess it’s a little nod to that idea.”

But rap isn’t the only musical genre Turner pulls inspiration from.  While writing their fourth album, Suck it and See, Turner said he was listening to a lot of country at the time and told a British music magazine, NME, that he really liked a lot of country lyrics.

Turner said, “I started getting into country music which is something I’ve never gone anywhere near until quite recently…The sound doesn’t speak to me but the lyrics do.”

Turner isn’t just a standard lyricist — he’s a poet of the utmost eloquence. Take for example, his lyrics in the song “Glass in the Park.” He writes, “Paraselene woman, I’m your man on the moon.”

Any lyricist who makes an uncommon word sound so natural in a song has to have skills, but even more so, once you realize what a Paraselene is — a bright spot in the sky formed by the moon — you see the purely poetic side of Turner’s lyrics.

Alex Turner is just one out of many reasons why I love the Arctic Monkeys so much.  I have an appreciation for words, and Turner’s lyrics and writing style has always attracted me. It’s my favorite reason to love Alex Turner and Arctic Monkeys.


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