A Letter For John Prine

Hello in there, As the year drags on, I can’t help but think about the absence created by the loss of John Prine. Reflecting on his life — what you could know of it from his music and as an appreciator of his art — I can’t help but shed a tear thinking about his […]

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An Alternative Halloween Playlist

With Halloween two days away, the most tolerable holiday themed music is abundant as we get in the festive mood. Personally, I enjoy creating a dark, Lynchian vibe to get one’s skin crawling, which quite frankly is hard to do with the radio friendly Halloween tunes (and I’m not trying to go full on slasher […]

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Playlist Alert: The French Press

From outlaw country to rock n’ roll and so much more, a carefully curated playlist can help get you through your work day. Whether you work from home or you’re stuck in an office, grab some headphones and dive into this week’s featured playlist. This week’s playlist is one of my own creation, an impulse […]

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