Five New Singles You Need to Hear

If you’re pressed for more music to listen to this month, fear not, there are new singles out with albums following in the next few months. Here are five songs that are great previews to their upcoming albums. 5. “Steampowered Blues” by Phil Cook: Released earlier this month, “Steampowered Blues” is a simple, bluesy tune […]

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A Woman’s Month Playlist

Last year I released a women’s only playlist for Women’s Month (celebrated nationally in March). This year, I’d like to preface the list by addressing a few things. First, the amount of women speaking out about sexual abuse and gender inequality is truly refreshing and much needed. I applaud everyone who is sharing their stories […]

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Top 10 Albums of 2017

2017 was a mixed bag for most people. While political climates became more temperamental and natural disasters seemed relentless, I can’t help but acknowledge the beautiful things that happened this year. For me, that includes all of the wonderful music released in 2017. I’ll dive right in with the top albums of 2017. 10. ‘Keepers’ […]

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